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Interview mit dem Magazin Transformation aus den USA

Im Dezember 2013 fand ein Interview mit Inka für das weltweit grösste Transgender-Magazin "Transformation" aus den USA statt.
Der Artikel dazu ist leider nur in Englisch verfügbar, aber wir möchten ihn Euch trotzdem nicht vorenthalten ;)
Making Feminine Dreams Come True
One Wonderful Girl at a Time!

Inka Horvat is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet in the transgender and crossdressing community. Welcome to the pages of Transformation magazine, Inka! For nearly nine years she has been the owner of Absolutely Special Trade. Before we get to the interview we'll let her share a little story so many of you will understand and appreciate. Perhaps you've shared this experience, yes?

"This is about a guy named Peter. As a guy, Peter is ever so bad and grumpy. He won't listen to me or smile for anyone. He's often so angry and not a nice person at all. As soon as he is transformed and dressed he becomes the lovely Sally. Now, Sally is a wonderful girl. She will listen and smile. She's considerate of others and she's never rude to anyone. The change in personality is charming and almost unbelievable to me. I really enjoy charming Sally so much more than grumpy Peter!". Sound familiar to you dearest dahlink reader? Let's go to our interview and perhaps you'll want to be a wonderful girl too...

lnka, you have a beautiful showroom located in Bavarias historic Nuremberg, Germany. You store entrance is so clean, discreet and inviting.
Will you tell us and when you and your partner, Michael, got your business started in the tgirl / crossdressing community?

We officially started our business in June 2005 - this is the date we registered Special-Trade. How did we start? That story is a bit longer but I will try to give you a shorty of it. I was working in plastic components and silicone for several years and knew a lot about the market and the materials. Michael was a software engineer who knew all about the digital world. We were the perfect combination for an internet business. Anyway, that's what we thought at first: we would be a pure internet business with no showroom open to the public. I used to have so many friends who were gay, lesbian or transgender so I knew a lot about them. I always heard many of them complaining about prices being too high if you do want something special in good quality. So we started our research. Who might be able to produce good quality for reasonable prices? We found someone at the other end of the world, so we met and decided he will produce exactly what we tell him is needed for the transgender market. We will be the ones who will take care of supplying the community and all the other products and services belonging to it. This is how it all started for us. Thanks to our loyal customers we have been very successful!
Do you perform cosmetic makeovers complete with wig styling, heels and stylish ladies’ clothing ?
Yes, we do have a large, well-designed show-room where everybody is welcome. We will try to do our best to be of help with any question that might turn up. We will help select the proper items and well show them how to do make-up and whatever beauty treatments they might need. We do have a cosmetician (with fully equipped salon chair area) who offers personal make up training or group make up lessons which are fun! Were always open-minded for any new ideas and requests. Have a special party coming up and want to look your best? Just let us know. We're here for you.
Your official Absolutely Speciel Trade model, Dana, is so gorgeous. How did lucky girl Dana get to be your sexy model?
Yes, Dana... she is ever so sweet and very lovely. We do have another pretty girl working for us named Niki and both girls are close friends. When we decided we needed someone for photos and modeling Niki got in touch with Dana. She asked her if she would be willing to be our model... Dana said YES. We were lucky to have such a beautiful girl presenting our products.
Do you sponsor any transgender social activities or nights out on the town for you customers?
Yes, we do some social sponsoring on request for several transgender activities going on all over Europe. We also do several events here in Nuremberg. We invite the girls to come and have a good time. What I invite Transformation readers to do is contact us and we'll tell you all about our latest exciting event that's coming up. So give us a call or visit our site and send us an emaiL We'd love to hear from you and we'll answer your questions right away.

Everything in your boutique is so well organized and splendidly displayed! Are you paticularly proud of any special item ot itmes?
Proud of our items and boutique? Yes, we're proud of all the clothing, shoes and services available here as it gives special help to all "my girls." We're not really proud of ourselves and what we've accomplished so far but we're certainly pleased and grateful. We're happy if we do get emails, letters or whatever where someone tells us he/she is delighted she finally found us. We're proud and touched if we see tears as one of my girls feels "complete." She doesn't trust her own eyes when she sees the beautiful result in the mirror. This is what makes us proud, seeing and experiencing fellow human beings happiness and sheer Joy. We're perfectly satisfied helping them become who they really are inside. Not only do their personalities change, many times so do their voices as they become feminine and content inside themselves.
Inka do you want to make any special comments to our Transformation readers around the world?
Special comments? Hmmm... yes: We desire to see all of you happy. We want to be here for you in all things as much as we can. If you're struggling, we want to fight with you for all that is necessary to make your life easier. We want you to respect that we really try hard but sometimes "my ladies" can be impatient if something does not work out as fast as they expected. They forget about different time zones in different countries. We try to understand. We would like them to realize we're honestly working nearly 24/7, 365. It hurts our morale and makes all of us a little sad when we don't receive respect. We have only love for everyone in the crossdressing and transgender communities. That said, our business comes from our heart Transformation readers. We offer the finest, highest quality products to all our customers around the world. We're not just about the money. We truly enjoy our business. We love being part of your special society. Contact us. You too will find your happiness. Just ask one of my girls!

For a world-class experience in girlish pampering visit Inka for your personalized make-over. If you can't make it to Germany, her website is only a click away for everything you'll need to make your feminine dreams come true. Who knows, you may even become one of her wonderful girls!